About us

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ? Mahatma Gandhi


To raise a generation who will do the nation proud by being knowledgeable thinkers, generous servers and confident contributors who can bring positive changes in this world.


To provide a stimulating learning environment with technological orientation, which maximizes individual potential and ensures that students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of life. We believe that each child is an individual with varying needs. By fostering a conducive environment full of care and creativity, we are committed to instill in each student a desire to learn with emphasis on the social, emotional, physical and intellectual developmental aspects, thereby bestowing the necessary traits such as resilience, adaptability and knowledge for achieving the highest standards of achievement.


The school motto 'Seek Excellence' is the clarion call for scholars at The Rajas International School. We encourage our learners to discover their passion and decide their goals in life. We encourage them to find the joys of learning and make life a very mindful and meaningful experience. We help students discover who they really are and enable them to do what they love.

Our Values (I CARE)

Active team work

Our Guiding Principle: GREAT

Ethos of The Rajas International School is encapsulated in the acronym GREAT encompassing the following 5 elements:

Growth: Developing a mindset that encourages exploration and risk-taking.
Radiance: Being a beacon that radiates positive attitude that contributes to building up one another.
Empathy: Appreciating different perspectives and feelings of others.
Abundance: Adopting an attitude of giving and sharing with the community.
Truth: Cultivating a mind of intellectual curiosity and discernment.

Information About Our School