Extra Curriculum

Club Activities

Nature club

The nature club has always been committed in sensitizing its students on issues relating to environmental degradation. It encourages to be pro-active towards sustainable development. They help in implementing new techniques for the beautification of the school campus and promote the use of eco-friendly products.

Math club

Math club meets once in a week for about an hour. Interesting ideas will be picked up. To start with something simple, and explore its twists and turns will lead to something deeper. This make them feel that they have achieved something substantially in Math.
The goal is to show mathematics the way that mathematicians see to the it: a living subject full of deep and interlinking ideas, growing naturally out of our desire to understand the fundamental concepts of space and number.

Literary club (Tamil & English)

Reading maketh a full man; and writing an exact man. The members of this club are those who are interested or talented in writing. The activities of this club would involve creation of written material in its various forms such as short stories, poetry, essays, articles etc., The best work will be published in our school newsletter “COFFEE WITH TRISians”
We encourage creative writing in other languages like French and Hindi and that will be published in our newsletter. ASL is given training right from lower classes to enhance speaking and listening skills.

Quiz club

The members of the quiz club will conduct quiz programmes for the students, and take necessary efforts to develop expert quiz teams for our school who shall represent the school for quiz competitions.

Culinary club

The opportunity to learn basic cooking and specific cooking styles and techniques is offered on our campus.
Whether you have aspirations of being a professional chef or just want to learn how to cook, the Culinary Club is for you.

Work education

Work Education is viewed as purposive and meaningful manual work, organized as integral part of the learning process and resulting into goods or services useful to the community, besides the pleasure of self fulfillment. It is an essential component at all stages of education. The competencies developed in this include knowledge, understanding skills and values through need-based life activities.
Work Education activities include making best out of waste, stuffed toys and doll making, paper work, craft work, gift wrapping, clay modeling, knitting , embroidery, fabric painting etc.,