Health Facility

Health Facility

The school ‘Sick Bay’ (Sick Room), is staffed by qualified First Aid Attendants. It is provided by the school during the hours of 8:25am to 3:30 pm so that immediate attention to illness or injury is available to students at all times.

Sick Bay Procedures

It is best for your child to remain at home if they are unwell in the morning. However, should they become ill at school they will be attended to by a First Aid attendant. Parents/ guardians or your emergency contact person will be notified to arrange transport home. To this end it is vital that student contact details are up to date. Students are NOT PERMITTED to RING their parents/guardians (via a mobile telephone) themselves OR leave the school without permission. A treatment action plan should be supplied for students with asthma or any other illness that may require first aid assistance at school. In particular, medical conditions like epilepsy, haemophilia, diabetes and severe allergic reactions. This plan will be attached to your child’s school records. Parents/Guardians will also need to provide this information again when your child attends school excursions or camps. First aid medical supplies are only issued for injuries/incidents that occur at school.

Head Lice

The information contained in the link below from the Department of Education and Training will help parents treat and control head lice.

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